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STRONG PARTS ON DEMAND IN THE TOOL ROOM –  QUICKLY, EASILY AND AFFORDABLY Rapid deployment of tools, fixtures and jigs is an integral component of a lean manufacturing process. From CMM inspection fixtures to assembly aids and drilling jigs, manufacturing tooling has to keep pace with new product design. RIZE’s XRIZE™ additive manufacturing platform creates […]
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We are selling Calibry 3D scanners in a bundle with XTract3D software at a more attractive price. This bundle is also a solution to a frequent question: “What do I do with the data after scanning”. The software is an add-on for SOLIDWORKS that helps convert 3D mesh data to a CAD file (Scan to […]
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RIZE One Upto €7,500 discount on RIZE One MSRP of €31,500 XRIZE 2:1 can be offered for commercial and academia customers 1 RIZE One free with XRIZE   Prerequisites 1. Call Jaime Cavazos for Further details +30 2313 052 143 2.Valid only for purchase orders placed on or before June 24th 2019 3.Shipment and delivery should […]
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Large-format additive manufacturing offers a bigger-picture take on 3D printing. Increasing the build size increases the possibilities for builds: users can create larger parts, removing the constraints of more standard sized build envelopes. 3D printing a large part all at once means less time is spent designing around multiple print jobs, less time assembling multiple […]
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The Correct Way To Achieve Zero Emission 3D Prints

I’m quite impressed with Rize’s approach to dealing with 3D printer emissions, and it’s not anything you might expect. Emissions from 3D printers are the dark secret of the industry. As thermoplastic filament is heated, it begins to emit extremely tiny nanoparticles, which of course get airborne, where they can be easily breathed in by […]
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How can I update the BigRep User Interface?

In order to get the latest update for the printer, please do the following steps: Connect the printer with a LAN-cable with internet access and a keyboard. Go to the drop down menu on the top right corner and click on “Close BigRep Controls” to close the UI Please click on the icon/button “Run” that […]
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Reflections on 2017 – BigRep’s emerging global position in the Industrial Additive Manufacturing space- MADE IN GERMANY!

BigRep’s 3rd full year in business has been one of big strides forward across the board. From doubling sales, to exciting new products and collaborations, to increasing confidence about the position we have carved out for ourselves in a fast-growing 3D printing industry, it has been a great 2017. The backbone of our business is our […]
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What’s new in Ultimaker Cura 3.1?

It’s time for the stable release of Ultimaker Cura 3.1. This new release builds on all the previous versions of Ultimaker Cura, with new slicing features, tweaks, and fixes. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to test out the beta release to help us create the best possible user experience. Highlights A […]
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