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What’s new in Ultimaker Cura 3.1?

It’s time for the stable release of Ultimaker Cura 3.1. This new release builds on all the previous versions of Ultimaker Cura, with new slicing features, tweaks, and fixes. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to test out the beta release to help us create the best possible user experience. Highlights A […]
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Ultimaker AMA: Let’s talk about Ultimaker Cura

We know that our community always has burning questions about the world of 3D printing. Our second AMA session was hosted by the team behind Ultimaker Cura, and was a great chance for us to share knowledge and processes of how our world famous software is developed. If you are new to the concept, AMA […]
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Recap: Siemens PLM Connection 2017

Siemens PLM connection was held at the Estrel Convention Centre in Berlin, Germany between Monday 23rd October and Wednesday 25th October 2017. The event pulled in a record number of 1,180 industry professionals from 36 different cultures, as well as 54 exhibitors. At the event, Ultimaker exhibited innovations that aim to enhance manufacturing. We showcased […]

Ultimaker 3 firmware upgrade – a fresh workflow with 4.0

We are always looking for ways to make the 3D printing experience accessible to everyone. In line with Ultimaker’s new software strategy, updating to firmware 4.0 expands the functionality of your Ultimaker 3 to add improvements, and exciting new features such as Cura Connect. Version 4.0 highlights Cura Connect. This firmware update will add Cura Connect to your […]
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Library Stories: Growing opportunities with 3D printing

Andrea Puglisi is a serials and reference librarian from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. In this library story, she shares her experience of how 3D printers can be used as powerful educational outreach tools for the local community. Our story Set along the Appalachian trail, the Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield’s Public Libraryserves a rural community of 42,000. We offer a […]

What’s an automotive minute worth?

3D printing in the automotive manufacturing industry is nothing new, but innovation has gone into overdrive in recent months. It seems that every day we’re hearing new stories about auto brands leveraging the technology in different ways to speed up the design and manufacturing process. For example, Hyundai recently announced a new design center meant to cut […]

Delivering software to enhance your 3D printing

With the launch of the Ultimaker 3 in 2016, Ultimaker established itself as leader in the professional desktop market. In a new video, co-founder and CTO Siert Wijnia and Senior VP of Product Management Paul Heiden explain the vision behind Ultimaker’s latest software upgrades and how they will enable you to do even more with […]
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Company update: Ultimaker receives major funding to fuel global expansion

Ultimaker has experienced explosive growth in the last few years. Since being founded in 2011, we have expanded from our offices in The Netherlands to the USA, and have built a worldwide distribution network selling products in over 100 countries. This impressive achievement of our dedicated team did not go unnoticed, and yesterday, we were […]
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Faster, more efficient prints with Ultimaker Cura

At Ultimaker, we are always refining our software to create the best 3D printing experience available. The latest version of Ultimaker Cura adds new slicing features and a new plugin structure, but did you know that it also reduces print time and material use compared to previous versions? The latest version of Ultimaker Cura prints […]
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Cost-effective custom parts for an urban farm system

The Farmshelf team created a fully autonomous, highly-productive urban farming system within tight physical constraints. By making use of Ultimaker 2+ professional desktop 3D printers, Farmshelf were able to iterate designs and print hundreds of functional custom parts which would have been extremely time-consuming and expensive using any other fabrication technique. Ultimaker 3D printers made […]
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