Prusa V6 HotEnd Kit – 1.75mm – 24V

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The Prusa specific HotEnd is a drop-in replacement for Prusa MK3/3S printers, featuring the exact components that we supply directly to Prusa.


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Product Description

Prusa drop-in replacement 

Featuring a Prusa specific heatbreak with a custom internal geometry, providing more reliability with retractions when using the MMU.

Ships with a Prusa specific thermistor with a pre-prepared extension cable for a drop-in replacement experience.

Please note:

This is a 24V HotEnd and is intended for function with a Prusa i3 MK3S or MK3 MMU2.

Do not use this HotEnd with 12V Prusa’s such as the MK2, MK2.5 or MK2S as this may damage your printer.

This HotEnd does not come with the specific PTFE used by Prusa, please retain the PTFE from your existing HotEnd. For reference, PTFE should look like this on the MK3S/MK2.5S and this on a MK3/MK2.5 MMU2.

Key features:

– Prusa heatbreak

– Maximum temperature: 285°C

– Prusa thermistor

– 40w heater cartridge

Kit includes:

– 1 x V6 HeatSink 1.75 mm

– 1 x Stainless steel Prusa HeatBreak

– 1 x Brass nozzle 1.75mm 0.4mm

– 1 x 40W 24V heater cartridge

 1 x V6 aluminium HeaterBlock

 1 x Prusa specific thermistor cartridge

 1 x Collet

 1 x Collet clip

 1 x V6 fixings kit

 1 x M3 grub screw

 1 x M3 washer

 1 x Thermal paste