EOS M 400-4

Metal 3D Printer

EOS M 400-4

The Ultra-Fast Four-Laser

for the Additive Manufacturing of High Quality
Metal Parts

Up to 4x more productivity

Four precise 400-watt fiber lasers

Build volume of
400 x 400 x 400 mm


With a build volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm and four lasers, the EOS M 400-4 platform achieves up to four-times higher productivity, making it perfect for industrial applications. Four precise 400-watt fiber lasers work over an area of 250 x 250 mm each, with 50 mm overlap.


With its intuitive user interface, flexible software tools and diverse accessories, the system meets every usage requirement of an industrial production environment. Highly automated procedures and processes guarantee ease of operation.


A broad portfolio of materials is available, from light metals to stainless steel, tool steels and super alloys. Any process from the EOS M 290 can be transferred to the EOS M 400-4 to achieve equivalent part properties.

Technical Data

EOS M 400-4

Construction Volume 400 x 400 x 400 mm (15.8 x 15.8 x 15.8 in) (height incl. build plate)
Laser Type Yb-fiber laser; 4 x 400 W
Precision Optics 4 F-theta-lenses; 4 high-speed scanners
Scan Speed up to 7.0 m/s (23 ft/s)
Focus Diameter approx. 100 µm (0.004 in)
Power Supply 3 x 50 A
Power Consumption max. 45 kW / typical 22 kW
compressed air supply 7,000 hPa; 20 m³/h (102 psi; 706 ft³/h)”
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) 4,181 x 1,613 x 2,355 mm (164.6 x 63.5 x 92.7 in)
Recommended Installation Space min. 6.500 x 6.000 x 3.300 mm (256 x 236 x 130 in)
Weight approx. 4,835 kg (10,659 lb)
Software EOSPRINT 2, EOSTATE PowderBed, EOSCONNECT Core, EOSCONNECT MachinePark, Materialise Magics Metal Package and modules

Metal Materials for the EOS M 400-4

For the EOS M 400-4, a broad portfolio of materials is available, from light metals to stainless steel, tool steels and super-alloys.

EOS Titanium TiCP grade 2

Titanium’s material characteristics make it ideal for many high-performance applications in aerospace, automotive & medical.

EOS Aluminum AlSi10Mg

Parts printed using EOS Aluminum AlSi10Mg offer strength, hardness and dynamic properties as well as excellent thermal properties and low weight.

EOS NickelAlloy IN718

Parts show excellent tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength at temperatures up to 700°C, making it ideal for many high temperature applications.

EOS NickelAlloy HX

Parts show high strength and oxidation resistance also at elevated temperatures up to 1200°C making it ideal for applications in aerospace, gas turbines, etc.

EOS Maraging Steel MS1

Parts have excellent mechanical properties and are heat-treatable using a simple thermal age-hardening process to obtain superior hardness and strength.

EOS StainlessSteel 316L

Parts show a high level of corrosion resistance, toughness and ductility as well as a high resistance to acids.

EOS Titanium Ti64

Titanium’s material characteristics make it ideal for many high-performance applications in aerospace, automotive & medical.

Material Management Metal Materials

The EOS powder handling portfolio offers a wide range of products for advancing and sieving metal powder. The products have different degrees of automation, are suited for small or large powder quantities and can be used flexibly and independently of the respective EOS metal system.

IPM M Powder Station L

The IPM M Powder Station L is the fully-automatic and intelligent material management solution that offers a closed powder cycle in a protective gas atmosphere in just one module.


EOS offers tried-and-tested software solutions for all process steps in additive manufacturing – from the preparation of CAD design data and job preparation to quality control.


EOSCONNECT Core is the connectivity solution for monitoring production. EOS systems are IIoT-capable and can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures via EOSCONNECT Core. EOS offers an open interface for this.


Expand the capabilities of your EOS system. Increase your productivity with EOS Web Apps and monitor your entire EOS machine park from anywhere in an intuitive dashboard. Receive automatic notifications on machine status and print jobs.


EOSPRINT is an intuitive, open and productive CAM tool for EOS systems that enables the assignment and optimization of build parameters for your CAD data. Together with data preparation software like SIEMENS NX or Magics, it offers an extensive additive manufacturing CAM environment for a smooth 3D printing process.

EOSTATE Monitoring

EOSTATE is the modular solution for seamless monitoring of all production and quality-relevant data in industrial 3D printing. EOSTATE comprises 4 modules that can be used individually or in combination.