Zortrax Inkspire

Made for speed
and surgical precision

Resin 3D printing made better

The technology behind Zortrax Inkspire relies on a high resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlighting to cure photopolymers layer by layer.


Surgical precision

The XY resolution is 50×50 microns with minimal layer height of only 25 microns.

Consistent speed

High speed of 20-36 mm/h is maintained regardless of how much of the workspace is used.


Results repeatability

Industrial build quality ensures consistent dimensional accuracy over multiple prints.

Easy supports removal

Supports can get additional UV light exposure to make them harder and easier to remove.

Wide resins compatibility

All available resins that can be cured by light with 405 nm wavelength are supported.

Meet UV LCD technology

SLA and DLP are traditional resin 3D printing technologies. An SLA printer works at constant precision but the more of its workspace is used, the more it slows down. In DLP machines, the speed is constant but precision decreases when workspace usage grows. Zortrax UV LCD maintains both high speed and precision at all times.


A layer a drawn whith laser


A layer a projected by a digital projector


A layer is projected on heigh-res LCD screen with UV LED backlighting

Perfect details

Zortrax Inkspire is made for all applications where superior precision is of paramount importance. The human eye can’t see individual pixels when the image has more than 336 pixels per inch. Pixel density in models 3D printed on the Inkspire exceeds this value regardless of the viewing angle.

Only flawless surfaces

Industrial-grade components used in the Inkspire guarantee surfaces of models are consistently flawless across multiple prints. The printer is designed to achieve the highest possible results repeatability.

Cost-efficient rapid prototyping

Multiple versions of prototypes can be cost-efficiently made in one printing session. This way, they can quickly undergo comparative evaluation which saves costs by shortening the development cycle.

Flexible in-house production

The Inkspire easily scales up to work in 3D printing farms offering medium to high scale manufacturing capabilities. Such farms can make end-use products or serve as a support of traditional production lines.

Fast resin 3D printing

An advanced optical system guarantees almost perfectly even distribution of UV light across the build platform. That’s why the Inkspire is one of the fastest resin 3D printers on the market without compromising any of the print’s quality.

Step 1 3D print

A model is made layer-by-layer out of a photopolymer solidified by UV light.

Step 2 Post-process

Innovative technology makes support structures easy to remove.

Step 3 Done

A 3D printed model can be used in further prototyping stages or shipped as a fully functional product.


Resin 3D printing is a technology perfect for professionals working in fields where very small yet incredibly detailed models are needed. The precision and speed of Zortrax Inkspire makes it a game changing tool for engineers, dentists and jewelers among others.

Dental care

Resin 3D printers can quickly and cost-efficiently print dental impressions, surgical guides, and temporary crowns or bridges.

Jewelry design

3D printed jewelry models can be used as investment casting patterns. They are also useful in customer consultation and fitting.

Precision engineering

Small, intricately designed 3D printed parts can be used in various fields of precision engineering such as electronics design.

Entertainment industry

3D printing of complex organic shapes is commonly used for making early concept models in production of feature movies and TV shows.

Specification for Zortrax Inkspire

Zortrax Inkspire

  • The speed of operation is 20-36 mm/h
  • The XY resolution is 50×50 microns
  • Calibrates build platform automatically
  • The minimal layer height is 25 microns
  • Has a built-in carbon filter
  • Offers serial production capability
  • External 405 nm resins are supported
  • External slicing software is supported
  • .zcodex and .cws file formats are supported
  • Workspace measures 74x132x175 mm
  • Has Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Has an intuitive touch interface

Zortrax Inkspire

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