WASP Free Zed System

WASP Free Zed System

The Free Zed System is basically a recovery system for a printing that for some reasons, has been interrupted and it was not possible to use “ Resurrection“ to recover it. Or, after the Resurrection, we notice that the item is not well done and we decide to re print starting from a clear point. In short it allows to print a file starting from a precise height of the model to be printed – height previously selected.

How does it work?

The process should be very simple and intuitive. Selecting the Free Zed System from the menu, you are requested to mention a certain height (Z) in mm,  this will be the starting height. After setting up the desired height, the menu goes automatically to the visualization of the files inside the SD card, so that you can choose the file to print. The selected file will be scanned  and performed in all commands (temperature, level, extrusion, ventilation, etc…) but the movements – so the printer will be still but the SD file reading indicator ( on the display) will go on. When the set height is reached, the printer will start moving according to the data related to the Z chosen height. That means that, if on the printing plate there is a model partially printed, taking note of its height, it will be possible to go on printing even without resurrection data.

Creative Commons License

We stress on declaring that WASP Free Zed System, protected by Creative Commons, is now relieved.

We declare this as being a technological innovation, a useful project; Wasp states the know-how sharing. We trust on unwritten but world-wide shared Makers rules . The approach which better corresponds to our vision is  Creative Commons, because it foresees the publication of assimilated knowledge reducing like that the exploitation from a commercial point of view.

We would really appreciate if, in case of Creative Commons rule violation, the  community protected our contribution.