Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark 2/500 – 50x50x50cm

Smart 3D printer with large installation space

The Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark 2 is a powerful yet affordable FFF/FDM-3D printer from Wanhao. With touch screen, MK10 extruder, all-metal hot end, heated building platform and backlash-free guidance, this affordable 3D printer delivers top 3D printing results.

Innovative product features:

  • Optimized components: Sturdy frame, well thought-out cable routing, exact rollers, improved fan, auto leveling (BL touch), smart software options & further noticeable improvements
  • Easy operation via touch screen & large installation space of 50 x 50 x 50 cm for powerful 3D prints
  • Heated building board with magnetic surface – detach your finished 3D prints easily & quickly
  • Resume your 3D prints with ease – no more worries about a power outage!

From 995,00 €

excl. VAT

With the Duplicator D9 MK II Wanhao once again makes a huge leap forward. The D9 Mark 2 is also a real Wanhao 3D printer. Moreover, the Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark 2 is the optimized & upgraded version of the D9 Mark I. This 3D printer comes with many innovative features and significant improvements. Buy an impressive additive manufacturing machine now.

The major improvement of the Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark II:

  • Intelligent invisible cable routing & fuse holder for connections
  • Self-adjusting roller-based system
  • Optimized fans for better filament cooling
  • Magnetic print pads, one side PVC & the other Lattice Glass
  • The Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark II is equipped with a BL Touch sensor
  • 2 guides in Z-direction ensure stable running
  • Note on how to insert the SD card
  • Reinforced metal frame for less movement and very high precession
  • PTFE tube on extruder for reliable and simple material guidance
  • Improved deflection pulleys for the drive timing belts ensure long-lasting top running
  • Adjust distance between nozzle and building platform for best 3D printing

Highlights of the Wanhao Duplicator D9 MK:

  • Unique optimized MK10 extruder
  • Precise sensor for auto-leveling the building platform
  • Large HD touch display in color
  • Precise components and stable parts, such as the Z motor mount
  • Optimized electronics and reliable power supply
  • Instructions on the display are intuitive
  • Fully assembled & plug&play: Start 3D printing in 10 minutes
  • Cura software included, compatible with Simplify3D
  • BL Touch Leveling
  • Double side printing bed – one side lattice glass, one side PVC mat
  • Continuation of 3D printing in case of power failure or material exchange easily possible
  • Heated printing bed with magnetic support

Large build volume & color touch screen

Benefit from a 3D printer with large build volume and color touch screen. The Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark 2 is ideal for large 3D prints with good quality. Get good 3D printing results quickly and easily with this affordable 3D printer.

3D printing prototypes, design models & hobby applications easily and affordably

Buy the Wanhao Duplicator D9 MK 2 if you want to get into 3D printing of large components quickly and affordably. 3D print design models, prototypes or hobby applications up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm. Thanks to the heated building platform, the first layer of material and components adhere perfectly to the print surface. The easily removable magnetic building platform support enables you to remove your 3D prints comfortably with very good material adhesion. Remove finished 3D prints simply by bending magnetic sheet.

Optimized Extruder & Auto-Leveling

The optimized MK10 extruder with connected PTFE tube enables you to feed filament to the extruder without interruption. Thanks to the integrated BL Touch, this 3D printer levels its construction platform easily and automatically. Simply readjust the print settings during the manufacturing process via Z-Offset in the printer software.

Buy the Wanhao Duplicator D9 Mark 2/500 – 50x50x50cm and you’ll get an easy to use & stable entry-level 3D printer with large build volume and many innovative features.


Technical Data

Primary attributes of the technology PLA printer, entrance level printer.
Full assembled. Developped from Prusa i3.
Software CURA, host by Repitator, Simplify 3D
Extruder system MK10 extruder with full metal hot end
Material support PLA, PVA, PEVA, PLA, Nylon,
Any material melting<=300’C
Max printable area 500*500*500mm
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Max printing speed 70mm/s
Case Material Aluminum Case
With Insulate cover or not Insulate Tent Available
Extruder Quantity 1
Accuracy X 0.012mm
Y 0.012mm
Z 0.004mm
Net Weight (kg) 20kg
Gross Weight (kg) 22kg
Packing size (cm) 60*50*35cm
Bed leveling 4 Points leveling
Platform Holder Steel frame holder
Rail locking system Steel bolt locking frame
Layer Thickness 100 micron- 400 micron
Platform Aluminium platform W/ heating
Resume printing Can resume printing after power break
LCD display English/Chinese/
Power supply unit Included EU German & UK Power supply

What´s Included

  • The Duplicator 9/500 printer
  • Single Step exstruder MK10
  • 1x spool holder
  • Hex Wrench and bolt Kit
  • 1 x SD card
  • 2 x Wanhao platform tape
  • 10 meters PLA filament
  • 1 x Power supply cable
  • 1 x USB A to B cable
  • 1 x filament stand