The all-in-one professional Raptor3DX Scanner with patented SSS automatic platform. Automatically scans objects without need for fixtures to hold down the object.

Raptor3DX Scanner – Proprietary SSS Technology

No need for separate fixture to hold your scanning objects.

Raptor3DX Scanner -Hybrid Type

Hybrid type = automatic mode + stationary mode.

Raptor3DX Scanner – Automatic

Fully automated scanning process. One-touch automatic scanning process.

Raptor3DX Scanner – Flexibility

One unit covers up to three scanning areas (field of view)


Product Non-contact optical 3D scanner (stereo vision)
Resolution 2MP / 5MP (Twin Camera)
Scan Area Size 150, 330, 500 mm (2MP) & 100, 300, 600 mm (5MP) / 3.937, 11.811, 19.685 inch (2MP) & 3.937, 11.811, 23.622 inch (5MP)
Point Spacing 0.07, 0.16, 0.25 mm (2MP) & 0.03, 0.09, 0.18 mm (5MP) / 0.00275, 0.00629, 0.00984 inch (2MP) & 0.00118, 0.00354, 0.00708 inch (5MP)
Working Distance 450 mm / 17.717 inch
Platform SSS Technology applied 3-axis platform (360° rotation / -5° to 90° arm / 90° scanner head)
Dimension 320 x 220 x 140 mm (sensor) & 700 x 916 x 252 mm (platform) / 12.598 x 8.661 x 5.512 inch (sensor) & 27.559 x 36.062 x 9.921 inch (platform)
Weight 3.3kg (sensor) & 30kg (platform) / 7.275 lbs (sensor) & 66.138 lbs (platform)
Data Output Polygon mesh STL, OBJ
Power 110~240V, 50~60Hz
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
O/S Windows 7, 10 (64bit)
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Category Raptor3DX

Raptor3DX is a hybrid type optical scanner, enabling both the automatic and stationary modes for users. The compact, detachable scanning sensor acts as a powerful sensor engine when as automatic mode; a flexible scanner itself when used as stationary mode, providing three FOV in one.

Automatic Mode

Proprietary Stable Scan Stage (SSS) Technology

  • No need for separate fixture to hold your scanning objects
  • Scanner sensor moving method lets your objects to be stable while scanning
  • Intelligent Auto View Sync

Fully automated scanning process

  • One-touch automatic scanning process
  • 360 degrees rotation axis, -5 to 90 degrees arm axis

Stationary Mode

  • Scanner module can be mounted on the stationary tripod for manual positioning
  • Ideal for scanning larger objects

Raptor3DX Highlight

  • Hybrid type = automatic mode + stationary mode
  • Supports three field of view (FOV) in a single unit
  • Compact, high-mobility, yet durable design
  • Cooling Mode keeps the scanner at its most stable and energy conserving state
  • ECO-Mode saves energy and keeps the system at an optimal levels/

Scanning Sensor

  • With the use of high-end dual cameras, even the smallest details can be captured with reliable accuracy
  • Optical Structured Light Technology
  • Auto adaptive exposure level helps you find the optimal camera exposure level for best result

Seamless integration with robotic arm

  • Raptor3DX sensor can be mounted to a robotic arm for broader application