The most intuitive, high-performance desktop type 3D scanner specially designed for jewelries applications. Perfect for scanning small fine detailed objects, including rings and other jewelries.

Falcon3DX Jewelry Scanner – Perfect for your jewelry design process

Falcon3DX Jewelry Scanner – Suitable for scanning small detailed objects

Falcon3DX Jewelry Scanner – Converting organic shaped object into 3D


Method Optical Structured Light Technology
Resolution 2MP, 5MP (Twin-Camera)
Scan Area Size FOV 120mm (2MP) & FOV 50, 120mm (5MP) / FOV 4.724 inch (2MP) & FOV 1.968, 4.724 inch (5MP)
Axis Automatic 2-axis (Rotation 360° / Swing 270°)
Dimension 295(W) X 475(H) X 340(D) mm / 11.614(W) X 18.700(H) X 13.385(D) inch
Weight 15 kg / 33.069 lbs
Data Output Open STL (Polygon Mesh / Fully ready for 3D printers)
Power 110~240V, 50~60Hz
Interface USB 3.0
OS Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64bit)
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For the savvy jewelry designers who want to push their limits one step further. From design modification to digital archiving, Falcon 3DX is perfect for your jewelry design process.

  • Suitable for jewelry and audiology applications
  • The most affordable price in its class
  • High precision, high accuracy data
  • Desktop size
  • Perfect for 3D printing

Falcon3DX Jewelry 3D Scanner Models
Now we offer three different models of Falcon3DX for jewelry applications to serve different needs of digital designers. 

New model – Ultra Resolution Falcon3DX. In order to meet demands of scanning small high detailed objects, especially rings, a new Ultra Resolution model will be released in November 2017.

Ultra Resolution Falcon3DX will be able to obtain 1370 dpi, the highest resolution in the industry compared to average 350 dpi. This uncompromising resolution will convert natural object into CAD or 3D Print ready digital files.