Ultimaker S5 used for shaping the Museum of the Future in Dubai

Ultimaker S5 used for shaping the Museum of the Future in Dubai

Killa Design uses 3D printing to create world’s most complicated building in the world


Killa Design: 3D printing the buildings of tomorrow

Ultimaker, the global leader in desktop 3D printing, supported Killa Design, leading architecture company specialized in unique, iconic, timeless designs, in developing the award-winning Museum of the Future in Dubai. The Ultimaker S5 was used by the team of architects at Killa Design to design and iterate this complex building and much of its other architectural model-making.

The Museum of the Future, an initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation, is already becoming a landmark, with a height of 78 meters and almost no straight lines in its elliptical design. Killa Design used the Ultimaker S5 to 3D print models to give contractors, manufacturers, and government review engineers a complete understanding of the building before construction began. In addition to the exterior shape, the company printed cutaway models to show the building’s core structure. A 3D printed cross section provided clear insight into the museum’s interior space arrangement, and more surprisingly, the printed model of the museum also helped to create a cleaning strategy for its façade that is completely decorated with calligraphy.

3D printing helps us to present and explain ideas during creative brainstorming sessions, and significantly speeds up the design process. For challenging and organic designs, like the Museum of the Future in which the only thing flat is its flooring, we find traditional methods of model-making inefficient and sometimes unworkable. With Ultimaker we have innovated our process of design and we are confident the technology will help us to coordinate problems much clearer and faster, allowing us to create even more complex buildings in the end. Shaun Killa, Design Partner at Killa Design

CAD tools, construction techniques and 3D printing give architects more design freedom than ever before, allowing them to create the most complex and creative designs. In order to have a full understanding of the structure and shape of the designed building a physical scale model of the building is required. Thanks to our professional dual extrusion 3D printers, architects around the world are printing any shape they need, whenever they need it. We are proud that the Ultimaker S5 supported the team at Killa Design to create this new iconic landmark and are looking forward to other architectural highlights coming from this creative company. Nuno Campos, CMO at Ultimaker

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