Ultimaker Core Lessons: STEAM lesson 3 – Flashlight

Ultimaker Core Lessons: STEAM lesson 3—Flashlight

Just because you have a 3D printer doesn’t mean that you have to use it to print all the parts of a design. If you can find a part that does not need to be printed, don’t print it. Look for material substitutes for dowels, slabs, and tubes. Use 3D printing for what it does best: allows you to design parts that cannot be easily produced using other available means.

Project Objectives

  • Design and measure with precision
  • Demonstrate how to align objects
  • Understand and execute boolean operations
  • Prepare a model for 3D printing
  • Modify print job with Cura plugins

Recommended age range 10+
Category: Beginner lessons
Tags: 3D CAD, 3D printing, 3D printed, beginners, design, education
Software: Tinkercad, Openscad, Fusion 360
Lesson Duration: Two to three 45 minute classes (additional time to print)
Estimated filament use (per person): ~1.95m/~15g


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