Ultimaker broadens 3D printing accessibility with new print management software

Ultimaker broadens 3D printing accessibility with new print management software

Ultimaker continuously focuses on improving 3D printing workflows, ensuring users can manage 3D printing clusters and print jobs effectively while generating output at scale. Now the company is developing Print Cluster Management software that will make 3D printing even more accessible and straightforward – helping businesses and educators to achieve remarkable results.

3D printing in business

Increasing numbers of companies and educational establishments are using 3D print technology, particularly in the form of 3D printing clusters. Modern compact printers fit easily into existing workspaces and operations can be scaled up easily, for an unprecedented low cost. The challenge is to keep the 3D printers running at nearly full capacity all year around, which is why Ultimaker is developing a new Print Cluster Management solution.

Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker, comments: “We’re seeing more professional users implementing clusters of machines in their facilities. They can purchase multiple Ultimaker printers for the price of one industrial machine and still rely on the same quality, reliability, and speed. Our new software solution will support this clustering, with network management and overarching queues to fire-and-forget print jobs while drastically improving machine utilization.

Burger adds, “Ultimaker’s clustering solution ensures that businesses of all sizes and industries can easily access our printers from Cura, the most widely used slicing software.

Ultimaker’s 3D print management solution

Ultimaker is currently developing Print Cluster Management software that will empower engineers, designers, and educators alike, allowing them to efficiently manage multiple 3D printers in a fully integrated environment.

The software is being developed in conjunction with some key accounts, and as always, Ultimaker is open to suggestions and feedback from users. Paul Heiden, SVP Product Management, explains the motivation behind the release:

As we’re consolidating our number one position in professional market and education, we talk to users all the time. 99% of the time, they work in CAD and PLM, so they want seamless integration with Cura to prepare their prints, select a suitable printer, fire the print job and forget about until it’s ready. That’s exactly what we’re going to offer. They asked us to keep it simple, so that’s what we are going to do. No system integration, no IT security issues. Just plug and play.

A fully-integrated solution

The new print cluster management software will significantly enhance user experience and work in tandem with every Ultimaker 3. The benefits it offers to customers include:

  • Overseeing of prototyping and small-scale production across the organization.
  • Ability to select printers, queue jobs, monitor prints, and receive notifications.
  • Seamless integration and backward compatibility – no upgrades required for those with Ultimaker 3 printers.
  • No requirement for third-party software or additional IT support – only Cura is needed.

The software’s clustering and overarching queuing software dramatically improves machine utilization production planning, resulting in reliable, more informed manufacturing. It gives businesses a competitive edge, reducing time to market, cutting costs, and improving the entire product life cycle with faster iterative prototyping, ability to customize, and efficient spare part delivery.

Ultimaker for professional use

Offering the right software makes professional 3D printing even more accessible, which remains one of our highest priorities. Stay tuned for our future announcements!

Ultimaker’s accessible, reliable 3D printers, industrial-grade materials, and user-friendly software are designed to provide professionals with the ultimate tools for prototyping, tooling, and small-scale production. If you want to learn how Ultimaker can enhance your business and improve your workflow, request a custom quote to discuss your needs !