Ultimaker 3 firmware upgrade – a fresh workflow with 4.0

Ultimaker 3 firmware upgrade – a fresh workflow with 4.0

We are always looking for ways to make the 3D printing experience accessible to everyone. In line with Ultimaker’s new software strategy, updating to firmware 4.0 expands the functionality of your Ultimaker 3 to add improvements, and exciting new features such as Cura Connect.

Version 4.0 highlights

Cura Connect. This firmware update will add Cura Connect to your Ultimaker 3 – a new feature that enables control of multiple Ultimaker 3 printers from a single interface. Find out more about Cura Connect in our release blog post.

Frame light notifications. When the Ultimaker 3 requires user interaction, frame lights will cycle through a sequence of 30% – 100% brightness to signify action is required to the user. This happens in the following circumstances:

  • Authentication required – when a printer requires user interaction (e.g. to be connected to Ultimaker Cura or to add to a new group in Cura Connect).
  • Configuration change – when a printer configuration change is required for the next print job (e.g. changing materials or print cores).
  • Print completion – when a print job is complete, the user is prompted to clear the build plate to advance to the next print job.

Reprint after abort. When a print is aborted, a new dialog option will appear on the Ultimaker 3 UI offering the option to retry the print.

Web UI. A web page (with useful links) will be shown when connecting to the printer’s IP using a browser to manage Cura Connect jobs.

Cancel wizard. The active leveling wizard now includes an option to cancel in case of accidental selection.

Latest added gcode file. The lastest added gcode file is now shown as a separate menu item in the list for printing from USB.

Faster updates. Installing updates is now significantly faster when updating the printer.

New material profiles. Material profiles have been updated for 0.8 print cores.

USB logging. When a critical error occurs, the log files and information is written directly to the USB (if available) for troubleshooting purposes.

Efficient material change. The material change wizard has been made more efficient by heating up the print core as soon as possible.

Key bug fixes

Z offset. The menu item to manually level the Z offset for the second print core has been removed. This can be done using a manual bed leveling.