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Thunk3D Fisher S

(12cm/30cm dual ROV)

  • 0.04mm Accuracy
  • 50-500cm scan volume
  • 0.03s/image
  • CNC 3D Scanner
  • Human 3D SCANNER
  • Industry 3D scanner
  • Reversing work
Sensor: CMOS,1.31mp * 2 Scan volume: Standard mode: 15-500cm Fine mode: 5-50cm
Raster: 1280*800Led, White light Scan speed: 1,200,000 points/s, 0.03s/image
Lens: 12mm/5mp * 2 Light Range: Standard mode: 30*24cm Fine mode: 12*10 cm
Alignment: Feature/Mark/Frame; Pixel pitch: 0.2mm
Certification: CE/FCC/WEEE/CNAS Scan accuracy: 0.04-0.1mm
Data format: ASC/STL PC require: Nvidia as main GPU
Public API: C++ trigger System require: Win7(64bit),Win8,Win10

Thunk3D——Professional 3D Scanner Manufacturer from China, Since 2008.


  1.   Structured light technology, swipe to collect whole surface data with 1,200,000 points/s speed, no need to fill in the gaps and corners.
  2.   Laser location, save your worry about working distance problem.
  3.   Dual mode, from 5cm to 500cm scanning volume, totally handheld scanning, no need extra accessories or packs.
  4.   0.04mm accuracy, scan with more details.
  5.   Both feature and mark alignment, applicable with more shapes and material targets.
  6.   Surprise function is on bata, coming soon!