SPECTRUM Smart ABS 1.75mm – 1kg – DEEP BLACK

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Filament Spectrum Smart ABS is characterized by:
– increased flow index
– shiny surface of the printout
– low print temperature

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Product Description

Using Spectrum ABS Filament you 3D model will obtain:

scratch resistance
durability and stability of printout
high quality
Smart ABS is a material characterized by high impact resistance and high hardness.

Smart ABS in comparison with the standard ABS is characterized by:

– reduced shrinkage ratio,

– shiny surface of the printout,

– lower print temperature,

– increased flow index.

Spectrum Smart ABS can be subjected to technical treatment by drilling, threading and milling.

Using Smart ABS from Spectrum Filaments guarantees a stable printout.

ABS advantages:

high surface hardness
scratch resistance
temperature resistance
high quality of printout
less fragile than PLA
very flexible material
low water absorption
easility of processing (grinding, drilling, sawing)
high mechanical strength and stiffness
Filament is reeled on the neat, transparent spool.

In the original Spectrum Filaments packaging.

Filament fits to most popular models of 3D printers.