SPECTRUM PLA Tough 1.75mm – 1kg – DARK GREY

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Product Description

Spectrum PLA Tough is a 3D printing consumable material, which has been specially modified. Entire modifications aimed at improvement of the properties of this material at the level of monomers, which allowed to achieve a wide range of applications. It is an excellent solution for printing functional parts with mechanical properties similar to ABS maintaining the simplicity of printing and PLA low shrinkage. Spectrum PLA Tough eliminates disadvantages of PLA and ABS. Thanks to the modification of the material’s composition, it is possible to print objects of any size and on a different surface (heated bed not needed).


 Used additives modified the polymer struture, which allows among others to:

  • noticeable shrinkage reduction compared to Basic PLA (large volumetric printouts possible),
  • improving the adhesiveness of printed elements to printbed,
  • achieving higher impact strength of printed elements in comparison with their ABS equivalents,
  • maintaining higher stiffness of manufactured parts than non-modified PLA,
  • elimination of brittleness characteristic for 3D printed objects (as a result there is a higher adhesion between the layers),
  • obtaining more matt surface compared to non-modified PLA,
  • enabling wide range of post-processing of printed parts which is difficult or even impossible for non-modified PLA (3D printed objects can be grinded, milled, drilled, etc.),
  • elimination of toxic and onerous vapours characteristic for ABS.


Filament is reeled on the neat, transparent spool. Each spool contains information on the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Filament is vacuum-packed with a moisture absorber. Instruction manual inside. Whole product packed in the original, folied Spectrum Filaments packaging.

Dimensional tolerance:
± 0.05mm
Printing temperature:
Heated bed:
not needed
Net weight:
Total weight:
Spool dimensions:
external diameter – 20cm, internal diameter. 5,2cm, width. 6,7cm