PrimaSelect™ METAL – 2.85mm – 750 g

39.90  +Φ.Π.Α

PrimaSELECT Metal is a new exciting type of fi lament which let you take 3D-printing to a new level. In this new material we have introduced a filament that contains 80% metal powder! Needless to say, this material is as close to real metalas you can come in the filament industry for FDM/FFF printers. SELECT Metal is available in Bronze and Copper.

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Product Description

There´s many benefi ts by using metal powder. You will experience a real “metal feel” when you touch it and it also have that “cold” feeling that you can have when you touch copper or bronze. When it comes to weight SELECT Bronze/Copper is about 3-4 times heavier than regular PLA which also enhances the feeling of real metal. Thanks to the metal powder there´s also very low shrinkage when printing with this filament

You can use SELCT Bronze/Copper in almost any FDM printer on the market today and the filament has been tested in a number of di erent set ups with both Bowden and direct drive printers. Due to the abrasive nature of metal we recommend that you use a hardened steel nozzle* with this filament. It prints great with a regular brass nozzle also but the wear and tear is bigger and the risk for wearing out your nozzle increases.

Why should I use PrimaSELECT™ Metal?
• Easy to print
• Contains 80% real metal for a genuine look and feel
• Works on most 3d-printers
• PLA based
• Easy to polish and post process
• Can print with retraction

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