LAY-LOSS – DI-ELECTRO-LAY – 3,00mm – 0,10kg

111.00  +Φ.Π.Α

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Product Description

Diameter: ~ 3.0 mm (range: 2.65 – 3.0 mm )
Weight: 0.100 kg
1 coil / no spool
the Titandioxid-“white”-pigment (filler) is very homogene dispersed in the basic polymer
72% of weight
the rough surface of filament is caused by parameters while making the filament
and shows no grain size 😉
The filament is an experimental filament. Please find your specific printing parameters.
Print-Temp is at 150 – 170°C depending on hotend and printspeed.
Flow is very well!

I understand if you believe that the price is high. But the filament is produced under small lab conditions in very small amounts with a lot of manufacturing time.

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