Form Futura ReForm rPLA - 1.75mm - 750gr - Sangria Red

Form Futura ReForm rPLA – 1.75mm – 750gr – Sangria Red

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  • Sustainable
  • Easy to print
  • 100% recycled EasyFil PLA
  • Good layer adhesion

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Product Description

ReForm is a sustainable initiative by Formfutura. Extrusion waste flows occur during the production of filament.

These are high-end upcycled to produce a sustainable filament. The ideology behind ReForm is to make 3D printing more sustainable without compromising on material properties and at a good price.

ReForm rPLA is based on the EasyFil PLA filaments. The remaining extrusion waste is reused to produce an easily printable PLA with significantly less environmental impact.

The unique features:

  • 100% upcycled (from EasyFil PLA)
  • Less environmental impact through quality control and reuse of extrusion waste
  • Purity – only EasyFil PLA residual waste streams are reused
  • Sustainable packaging
  • ReForm filaments are easy to recycle and dispose of. (Cardboard spool)
  • ReForm is packed in recycled cardboard boxes
  • Biodegradable
  • Very easy to print
  • No distortion and no deformation after cooling
  • Good adhesion on unheated and heated building boards

Recommended processing temperature: 180 – 220 °C