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The EinScan-Pro+ carries on the consistent excellent scanning quality of the EinScan-Pro. It provides multiple scanning modes and delivers simple and fast scanning with its convenient handheld design. The new EinScan-Pro+ greatly strengthens the handheld 3D scanning function. Although similar in appearance to the EinScan-Pro, it is full of new innovations.

Product Description

Model EinScan-Pro+
Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Automatic Scan Fixed Scan
Single Shot Accuracy 0.1 mm 0.3 mm 0.05 mm‪ 0.05 mm
 Scan Speed 550,000 points/sec 450,000 points/sec Single scan: < 2 s Single scan: < 2 s
Point Distance 0.2 mm-3 mm 0.7-3 mm 0.24 mm 0.24 mm
Recommended Size of Scanned Object


100-4000 mm 150-4000 mm 50-150 mm 50-4000 mm
Align Mode Markers Feature,
Markers (Optional) *
Markers, Feature, Turntable, Manual, Turntable coded targets Markers,
Texture Scan No Yes (With purchase of Color Pack) Yes (With purchase of Color Pack) Yes (With purchase of Color Pack)
Outdoor Operation No (Avoid direct sunlight)
Special Scan Object For a transparent, reflective or dark object,
please powder spray prior to scanning
Single Scan Range 300×170 mm
Light Source  White light LED
Printable Data Output Yes
File Format  OBJ,STL,ASC,PLY
Turntable Loading Capacity 5 kg
Scan Head Weight 0.8 kg
OS System Support Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64 bits
Sharing to Sketchfab Yes
Display Card NVIDIA GTX660, or higher, Display memory : > 2G, Processor: I5 or higher, Memory Storage: 8G or more