E3D Hemera Direct Kit – 1.75mm – 24V

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Looking to upgrade your printer with a next-generation extrusion system? Hemera is a compact, dual-drive extrusion system which combines our V6 HotEnd with an all-new filament drive to form a highly responsive direct drive extrusion system – providing unrivalled performance with flexible filaments.

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Product Description

Dual drive

A dual-drive, hardened stainless steel drive train provides a huge boost in grip compared to single drive systems. As standard, Hemera is fully capable of printing abrasive filaments without risk of premature wear.

Mounting made easy

Hemera’s custom motor faceplates form an integral part of the assembly, acting as the motors, mounting system and backplate of the extruder. The backside 4 T-slots allows square nuts to be placed in the motor, providing convenient mounting to your printer. The front side features an additional 4 T slots for part cooling fans and bed levelling accessories.

Excel with flexibles

Hemera constrains your filament like no other HotEnd/Extruder combination. This makes flexible filaments such as TPU considerably easier to print with, and dramatically increases the responsiveness when using standard materials like PLA or PETG.

A unique heatsink design

Hemera’s optimised heatsink design ensures airflow is diverted up and away from both the HotEnd and the heated bed, reducing the risk of warping and uneven stresses forming in the printed part.


Hemera maintains compatibility with the V6, Volcano and SuperVolcano heater blocks and nozzles.

Key features:

 Direct drive

 10kg pushing force

 Great for flexible filaments 

 T-slot mounting system

 Optimised airflow

 Maximum temperature: 285°C

Kit includes:

 1 x 12V or 24V 30W Heater cartridge

 1 x Thermistor cartridge

– 1 x Molex cable

 1 x 40 x 40 x 10 mm 12V or 24V Fan

 1 x Cable tie

 1 x E3D Hemera sink

 1 x Idler

 1 x Idler slide block

 1 x Idler spring block

 1 x Thumbwheel

 1 x Idler shaft

 1 x Drive hobb

 1 x Idler hobb

 1 x V6 Heater Block

 1 x E3D Hemera motor

 1 x Motor cable

– 1 x E3D Hemera fixings kit

– 1 x V6 fixings kit

 1 x E3D Hemera heatbreak

 1 x Brass 1.75mm, 0.4mm nozzle

 1 x V6 sock

 1 x Thermal compound