ADD:NORTH Textura™ – 1.75mm – 750g – Matte White

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  • Optimal aesthetic filament for architects
  • Extremely matte biobased material
  • Plant fiber filler

This extremely matte biobased material is the optimal aesthetic filament for architects of all levels.

It is trouble-free to print, very easy to post process and to color with many types of paint.

The plant fiber filler, which creates the matte surface, also makes the layers barely visible without compromising on the detail of the print.

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Product Description


Diameter tolerance: ±0.025mm
Spool size: 200 x 52 x 55 mm (500 – 1000 g)
Weight filament: 750g
Weight empty spool: 215 g (500 – 1000 g)
Density: 1.24-1.27
Working temperature: 60°C
Wear resistance: Medium
Chemical resistance: Medium
Bed temperature: 60 °C
UV resistance: High
Hygroscopy: Medium
FDA: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
FSC: Yes
Natural fibers: Yes
Print temperature: 185-210 °C
Biobased: Yes

Temperatures and cooling

Since this material is based on PLA, only minor changes are required from the standard settings for PLA. The temperature and the fan can be varied depending on if strong layer adhesion or ease-to-post-process i preferred. For good layer adhesion, print at around 205°C and use not more than 20-30% fan. If ease-to-post-process is preferred, print at 190°C and 80-100% fan.

Build plate adhesion

The build plate temp should be as with normal PLA, none or up to 65°C depending on your surface. PEI or BuildTak is recommended


Quality is a complex area where hardware and slicer have big impact. Every new filament needs in general some tuning to achieve its full potential, usually through printing some calibration models and adjusting iteratively. We have gathered our favourites here. To troubleshoot specific issues, we would like to refer you to our material guide – here are some general quality tips though:

  • Print speed, flow and layer height: As usual, lower layer heights and lower printing speeds yields higher detail sharpness, but takes longer time. We recommend to not go below 0.15mm. Recommended printing speed is 50mm/s, with a flow/extrusion multiplier of 0.9-0.95 to avoid over-pressure in the nozzle that could lead to clogs.
  • Feeder tension: It is recommended to decrease the feeder tension slightly compared to default setting, to avoid grinding the filament as well as over-pressurizing the nozzle.
  • Nozzles: It works with standard nozzle size of 0.4mm, but it is recommended to use 0.5mm or bigger to avoid clogging issues. If you are printing big objects (5h+) with a small nozzle (0.4mm), it is important to print at the lower end of the temp spectrum (185-190°C), keep retractions at a minimum and turn off the fan. The material is not abrasive on metal nozzles, and can be printed on standard nozzles.

Misc: Remember to clean out the nozzle after the print to get rid of any fiber residues, and to keep the filament dry. Also, make sure the surrounding temp is not too high, 20°C is optimal. At 25°C+, some problems can occur.