3D Pasta Green – 8 Refills (8 x 45 g – mixed dough 92 g)

28.49  Στην τιμή συμπεριλαμβάνεται ΦΠΑ

Mix Procusini® 3D Pasta freshly with water and oil. You can vary the taste by adding a special oil or your own broth.

Available in the colours nature, red, green and black.



Product Description

Pasta natural: glutinous rice flour, durum wheat semolina, wheat flour, whole egg pulver, salt, yeast.

Pasta green: glutinous rice flour, durum wheat semolina, wheat flour, spinach powder, salt, yeast.

Pasta rot: glutinous rice flour, durum wheat semolina, wheat flour, tomato powder, salt, yeast.

May contain traces of molluscs.

Store dry and protected from light and heat.

The nutritional values are valid for all colour versions of the 3D pasta.

Nutritional values   pro 100 g
Energy  1585 kJ/377 kcal
Fat  6,1 g
 of which saturates  1,9 g
 Carbohydrate  66 g
 of which sugars  1,7 g
 Protein  14 g
 Salt  0,7 g

Netweight: 8 x 45 g

Produced in Germany at Print2Taste GmbH, Liebigstr. 11, 85354 Freising