3D Fondant White – 8 Refills (8 x 85 g)

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Procusini® 3D Fondant allows especially the production of 3D busts and detailed 3D objects. Just like Procusini® 3D Marzipan the Procusini® 3D Fondant is a excellent choice for a 3D printed cake topper.


Available in the colours white and yellow.

(other colours on request)



Product Description

Fondant white: sugar, glucose syrup, water, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil), modified starch, humectant: glycerin, stabilizer: potassium sorbate.

Additionally included in the various color designs of 3D fondant:

Fondant green: coloured with: Spirulina, coloured with: turmeric oleoresin

Fondant red: coloured with: paprika extract, cochineal, tumerinc oleoresin

Fondant yellow: coloured with: turmeric oleoresin

Fondant blue: Spirulina

May contain traces of other nuts, milk and soya.

Store dry and protected from light at approx. 20 °C.

Nutritional values   pro 100 g
Energy  1582 kJ/373 kcal
Fat  3,7 g
 of which saturates  0,28 g
 Carbohydrate  85 g
 of which sugars  75 g
 Protein  0,01 g
 Salt  < 0,01 g

Netweight: 8 x 85 g

Produced in Germany at Print2Taste GmbH, Liebigstr. 11, 85354 Freising