Scan In a Box

the complete 3D scanning solution

Scan in a Box is the Structured Light 3D Scanner with the highest performance but within everyone’s means. It has a mobile, adaptable structure and a simple configuration, useful to obtain quick high resolution 3d scans. The combination of these scans recreates the chosen 3D model, visible from a 360° view. It is the perfect complement of a 3D printer.

Compact and portable

Scan in a Box is a modular and versatile product. It’s composed by an aluminum bar, in which are carved the pre- established positions for the cameras, that holds the three stands: the one in the middle is for the projector and has to be stiffly fixed, the two on the sides are for the cameras, which width can be set to establish the scanning area. All these components are mounted on a adjustable tripod that has an ergonomic joystick head. The cable connections are located on the rear of the device and are kept together with a band that comes with the kit. Moreover, are also included all the tools necessary for correctly mounting the device and the instruction manual.

High- precision and high- speed at a competitive cost

Scan in a Box is a cost efficient product, developed to satisfy every final user. The choice of each and every piece of the device is targeted to offer the highest performances of the scanner, resulting in high precision and speed. All provided at a price proposal without compare.

New Structured Light Technology

The Structured Light is a new- generation technology and replaces the obsolete Laser Scanning. This technique was crated to take full advantage of the hardware: using two high definition professional cameras, in a stereo structure, and choosing the right projector, grant full performances together with better precision and better resolution of the details.

Modular asset, easy to set

Choosing Scan in a Boxyou are provided all you need to start working immediately, already with great results as for 3D scanning: the modular set up makes it very easy to mount the device. Moreover, Scan in a Box gives the opportunity to set the field of the scanner so that it could best fit the needs of the scanned object.
  • x2 industrial cameras and stand
  • x2 industrial objective
  • HD video projector and stand
  • USB pen drive equipped with IDEA the software (unlimited license)
  • Aluminum bar with 2 fastening plates
  • Cables with band and screws
  • Professional tripod with bag for transport
  • Calibration master (fields form 100x80mm to 400x300mm) with stand
  • Start Guide (digital and hard copy), Software Manual (digital only)
  • Scanner Dimensions: 400x105x92 mm
  • Packaging Dimensions: 470x440x120 mm
  • Packaging Weight: 5,5Kg
  • Time for Scanning: approx. 4 seconds per scan
  • Resolution/Precision: till 0.1% accuracy compared with the scanned object
  • Mesh Density: until 10 million vertexes per model
  • File Exporting formats: OBJ, STL, PLY, OFF
  • PC with Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10 – 64 bit
  • CPU Quad Core 2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, VGA (NVIDIA GeForce)
  • x2 free USB2 ports that can supply 500mA energy each
  • x1 free HDMI port

Starter / Pro

Scan in a Box is the ideal starting point to satisfy a wide range of 3D Scanning market needs. It’s the perfect tool for those who want to take their first steps into the 3D world, with particular attention to educational and academic applications. Moreover, it represents an efficient solution for expert users looking for professional results.

Customisable set up

Scan in a Box is the first 3D scanner of its category with a customizable work field and based on the Stereo Structured Light technology. These features give the possibility to choose suitable framed area in order to enhance its effectiveness in digitizing objects with variable dimensions.

Dedicated Software

Scan in a Box set includes IDEA the Softwarefor 3D scanning, a program especially developed for the hardware of Scan in a Box. Thanks to the perfect combination of hardware and software, the 3D scanning experience can start with just a click!

High Performance

Scan in a Box acquires the 3D images in less than 4 seconds, assuring a smooth and quick workflow. With its high-level precision and resolution, it generates a digital model that can be used for all the final user’s purposes.

Easy & Complete

With Scan in a Box it’s very easy to carry out a complete workflow: acquisition, alignment and mesh generation. IDEA the Software for 3D scanning has all the necessary tools for the post-processing, useful to export a file ready for 3D Printing or 3D Sculpting.

Colour Acquisition

Scan in a Box technology allows to acquire, with excellent results, information about the colour of the object and the smallest details of the surface.

IDEA the Software

IDEA the Software for 3D scanning is Scan in a Box’s scanning and editing program. The software is included in the bundle for free and it has an unlimited license. It is user-friendly and intuitive: the user can work on an object from a 360° view, creating, in a few minutes, a mesh that can be exported in the most common CAD file format (.stl, .ply, .obj)



Scan in a Box 3D Scanner has been created to simplify the work process of Designers and Architects. The 3D recreation of an object has many applications in the field of Digital Fabrication: reverse engineering, research and development, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping. Scan in a Box makes it simple and economical design and reproduce your own concepts with a 3D printer.


The recreation of artistic and historical 3D models has never been so easy! With Scan in a Box, it’s possible to store entire collections into 3D catalogues, work on the reconstruction and restoration of historical artifacts or extend the 3D technology to handicraft fields, like sculpture and manufacture.


Scan in a Box can revolutionise the field of hobbies and 3D making: the manual processes use for Model Building, by the Makers in the Fablabs can be now integrated with the 3D scanning technology. The 3D Scanner gives the possibility to find new ways of promotion, communication and passions’ sharing.

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