Roboze develops materials in order to create new opportunities

We know how important is to obtain printouts functional to each task or application. By working with key scientific and technological leaders to develop materials, our R&D team is able to engineer perfected solutions and achieve excellent results.

We listen carefully to the feedback we receive from our market, and we collect the most interesting specs in order to find the best solutions for our customers` needs.


PEEK is a technologically advanced semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer with excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance in a wide range of conditions. It is used in food processing, aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics and semiconductor, oil and gas, nuclear and hydro, space technology, medical, and cable production.

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Polyetherimide falls into the category of high-performance engineering polymers, as it possesses very specific physical and chemical properties: It is ultra resistant to hydrolysis and acid solutions, it has excellent thermic performance, including a very high operating temperature and the ability to withstand repeated autoclave cycles; and has excellent mechanical properties.

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CARBON PA was developed for Roboze and it based on Polyamide reinforced with Carbon Fiber at 20% . It is ideal for high-end mechanical applications, thanks to its high tensile modulus. It provides the answer to all industries key needs such as environmental-friendliness through weight reduction and metal substitution, safety through impact absorption or flammability protection, processing simplification, and sustainability, due to its durability, long-term resistance and fluid resilience.
Printed parts even have accurate surfaces thanks to our technology and mechatronic motion

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