RangeVision Smart

RangeVision Smart is a desktop 3D scanner of high resolution. Ease of use, affordable price and wide range of applications make Smart stand out from its competitors. Due to the use of structured light technology, Smart 3D scanner provides highly accurate and detailed scans. Its accuracy is up to 0,1% from the original object, resolution – up to 0,12 mm. Technical equipment of RangeVision Smart 3D scanner provides ease of use and a wide range of applications. it is ideal for digitization of objects from 4 cm to 1 m. The absence of manual setting and autofocus provides fast and simple calibration of the scanner. Two cameras make it possible to use markers and align obtained scans in automatic mode.



Compact and mobile

RangeVision Smart and its accessories are very lightweight, less than 2 kg, allowing easy transportation to the project sites in a secured case. Smart is widely used in art and designing sculptures, reverse engineering and industrial design. 3D scanner is able to work offline for 1 hour.


Ease of use

RangeVision Smart is fully assembled and ready to be used. Remove the equipment from the case, connect it to the computer and get to work. Smart 3D scanner is equipped with two cameras and autofocus, which simplifies its calibration.


Affordable price

Being a budget solution on the market of 3D scanning, Smart positioned itself as a unique selling proposition in terms of value for money and capabilities, which makes it stand out from its competitors.


The RangeVision software is specifically designed for fast processing of scanned results. Scan Center automated functions will help with the scanning process by stitching fragments, optimizing and creating a high-precision 3D model.

STL output data format is suitable for working with 3D models in all popular CAD / CAM programs: Solidworks, Autocad and others, as well as virtual modeling environments: 3Ds Max, Maya, Rhinoceros. Free software updates are provided regularly. Learn more about ScanCenter.

Technical features

Scanning Zones [1] [2] [3]
Scanning area (mm) 500x375x375 300x225x225 150x112x112
3D resolution (mm) 0.4 0.24 0.12



Additional license key

In the case of a large amount of work, the workflow can be splitted between two operators: one scans and the other works with a scanned data. This approach allows you to significantly speed up the process.


Automatic turntable TL

Automated 360 degree scanning with any of the turntable system developed by RangeVision will make the scanning process faster and easier. Reinforced TL is intended for different-sized objects weighing up to 50 kg.


Automatic turntable TS

Compact and light weight model TS is perfect solution for scanning small and medium-sized objects weighing up to 5 kg.

Detailed specifications

Cameras 1.3 MPix, 1/4″
Scan speed 4-12 sec
Projector WVGA (854х480)
Cameras manufacturer IDS (Germany)
Light source LED
Scanning principle Structured light
Scanning modes Free scanning, with markers, on turntable
Scanning with color textures Yes
Output formats STL, OBJ, PLY
Connectivity HDMI, 2xUSB 2.0
Power 220V, 40W
Calibration time 7 min
Dimensions of scanning unit (WxHxL) 320х80х150 mm
Weight 1.25 kg

Additional information

System requirements

    Operation system     Windows 7/8/10  64bit
    CPU     Intel Core i3/i5 1.8 GHz or better
    Graphics hardware     Video card with dual monitor support
    RAM     At least 4 GB
    Other     3 USB ports



Restoration and preservation of cultural heritage


Furniture and decor




Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping


The standard package includes:

  • The scanning module
  • Two cameras with non-replaceable lenses with autofocus
  • Set of callibration plates
  • Travel case
  • Tripod
  • Digital license key
  • Set of self-adhesive markers

*Automatic turntable is optional.

3D models

Articles and video reviews

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Meet 3D scanner RangeVision Smart and get detailed 3D models of statuettes or components of different sizes ranging from several centimeters up to more than a meter. Thanks to RangeVision Smart scanner your road to perfect 3D models will be easier than you think.