Product tour: Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Product tour: Ultimaker 2+ Connect

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Viewing time: 30 minutes

With the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, simple single extrusion just got better. Want to learn how and why? Then watch our latest product tour and get to know this robust new 3D printer.

Join Matt Griffin as he explores the features that empower a more seamless workflow with Andras Till, the project manager for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect.

During this session, you will learn:

  • What makes the Ultimaker 2+ Connect the ideal solution for small businesses and educators
  • The strategy behind the printer from an R&D perspective
  • Every single hardware change made (compared to the Ultimaker 2+) – and what benefits they bring
  • The similarities and differences between the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager and the Ultimaker S5’s
  • The 4 big improvements coming next to the Ultimaker 2+ Connect (including tighter third-party material integration)

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Matt Griffin, left, webinar host and Ultimaker’s Director of Community Development; and Andras Till, R&D Project Manager of Ultimaker 2+ Connect