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LC Magna brings you the next generation of industrial printing on a large scale  which has something to offer every industry. Enquire now to revolutionise the printing power of your industry. 


510 x 280 x 350mm

Build Volume


13.3mm per hour

Print Speed


137 microns

XY Pixel Size


25, 50, 100 & 200 microns

Layer Thickness

Further features

Software: Photocentric Studio

Homing: Auto homimg

LCD Specification: 23.8” 4K

Platform: Aluminium with Teflon coating

Vat: New reskin technology / Lighter / Spout

Peeling Aid Mechanism: Yes

Connectivity: Stand Alone USB, Ethernet, WiFi

Cure Speed: 3 – 10 sec per layer (at 100 microns dependant on resin)

Resin: Daylight Magna resins. Printer supplied with 5kg High Tensile white resin