Modix BIG-120Z

Modix BIG-120Z

3D printer is a unique 3D printer that allows printing tall objects in one piece which make them stronger

and reduce post processing time. BIG-120Z is a perfect match for the needs of the: visual communication,

interior design, art, mannequin, props , entertainment  and engineering industry.

Technical Specifications:

Modix Big-120Z share similar specs with all other Modix’s printers.  These are the unique specifications:

  • Print Volume: 600 x 600 x 1,200 mm (XYZ)
  • Machine dimensions: 906 x 1060, 2,000 mm
  • Machine Weight: 160 kg
  • Z axis guides- HIWIN MGW Linear Rails – included
  • Price includes 12 months of warranty and lifetime support. Warranty does not include degradable (PEI sheet and nozzles) and consumables. For a longer warranty period, please contact the sales team at
  • Shipping cost is a regional flat fee that should be selected at the bottom of this product page after you select the required components.
  • Ordering add-ons only (without a printer), will require additional shipping fee. Please contact sales for more information:

Heavy Duty Design

Printing quality and reliability are determined
not only by the quality of the machines
components, yet also by its design.
Modix machine design guidelines:
•Robustness of chassis and motion system
•Reduced electromagnetic noise
•Safe operation and safe assembly
•Easy assembly
•Easy maintenance
•Time between maintenance cycles
•Long lasting calibration


Modix default print head supports a wide line of filament
with print temperatures of up to 285 º c including:
G, PVA, ASA, HIPS, Nylon (PA),
Polypropylene (PP), TPU/TPE (flexibles) and more.
Carbon filled filaments and other particle filled filaments
such as wood or metal filled filaments require a special
nozzle that can handle the abrasive nature of these
filaments. Please refer to E 3 D Nozzle X ” or
The Olsson Ruby ” third party alternatives.
By using the
PT 100 thermisitor ” add on available in our
online shop, customers may increase the print head
maximum temperature to 500 º c.

Open Architecture

Our customers are not locked in!
Users can select filament from any
source and make a use of various
modeling and slicing software
solutions, to their own preferences.
As our components are sourced from
leading vendors, owners of Modix
printers enjoy a wide line of add ons,
after market modifications and
enthusiastic user communities.
i.e. user forums of Duet electronics,
E 3D print heads, etc.