Modix BIG-120X

Modix BIG-120X

Modix BIG-120X printer was first introduced in late 2018.

Similar to BIG-60, it has all the latest components

of Version3 and enjoy the same level of modular

offering to better match your needs and budget.

Here are a few unique specifications:

  • Delivery: self assembly kit
  • Print volume: 1,200 X 600 X 640 mm (XYZ).
  • Machine Size (WxDxH): 1,556×1,060×1,356 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 170 KG (depend on add-on selection)
  • Enclosure: Optional
  • Secondary print head: optional
  • Z Axis Guides: Smooth rods, Hiwin rails – optional
  • Price includes 12 months of warranty and lifetime support. Warranty does not include degradable (PEI sheet and nozzles) and consumables. For a longer warranty period, please contact the sales team at
  • Ordering add-ons only (without a printer), will require additional shipping fee. Please contact sales for more

Why a Large 3D Printer?

Printing large models as one object makes
them stronger and saves time on post
processing. Use cases include:
• Customized large enclosures
• Manufacturing jigs
• Prototyping
• Cast molds
• Composite plugs
• Batch production Modix 3 D printers are
capable of printing multiple small items
in a single sequenced 3 D print job.

Future Ready

Modix 3D printers are designed for future upgrades and new technologies. When a new version is released, an upgrade is offered to our customers.
As creators, we believe that products should be designed to serve for long period of time, not to be replaced when a new model is coming out.


Modix 3D printers are modular by nature. Users can
easily change the configuration of the printer based on
a large selection of add ons including:
• Three different hot ends to select from including:E 3D Volcano (default), E 3D V 6 for detailed printing and E 3D Super Volcano for high flow extrusion rates.
• Active air filter add on that circulates the chamber air through a filtering system including a HEPA filter for small particles and active Carbon for removal of
• High Temperature by using the PT 100 sensor add on.
• And more