Lesson Sparks

Lesson Sparks

Puzzle Gallery

Select a collection of pieces that follow each other chronologically. Assign a piece to each student. Each student should work with the student that proceeds and follows. Students should create a model that incorporates the piece in some way and connects to the piece before and after it in the chronology.

The final piece will create a new gallery that uses the original work as inspiration.

Design your own Egyptian temple

Complete the Piece

Here are pieces to act as inspiration:

Create a Mask

Use the collection as inspiration. Focus on a a particular gallery or culture or create a mashup. Be prepared to explain where the influence came from and why you selected it.

Note that while there are many masks in the collection, not all of their images are in the Public Domain. Watch for the Open Access icon for those you can use directly in new work, and focus on drawing inspiration only from those that are not Open Access.