We are selling Calibry 3D scanners in a bundle with XTract3D software at a more attractive price. This bundle is also a solution to a frequent question: “What do I do with the data after scanning”.

The software is an add-on for SOLIDWORKS that helps convert 3D mesh data to a CAD file (Scan to CAD). If you have not used it before, please check out their website to learn more –

XTract3D allows you to use the scan data for reverse engineering applications. Import scan data from Calibry 3D scanners and use XTract3D’s powerful slicing, fitting, and snapping tools for reverse engineering natively inside SOLIDWORKS. Trace right on top of 2D cross sections of 3D scan data to create parametric CAD models with ease.

Since this software is fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS, no lengthy training is required. If you know how to work in SOLIDWORKS, you will quickly master the XTract3D toolset.

The bundle cost is €6,300. If you choose to purchase the scanner and software separately, the price will be €6,700.

Purchase this bundle and save €400!!!