Get up to $400 in Credit toward a new EinScan 3D Scanner

Get up to $400 in Credit toward a new EinScan 3D Scanner

Trade in your EinScan-S or similar 3D scanner and upgrade to a new EinScan product.

Would you like to update your existing system to our latest model EinScan-SE or EinScan-SP? Good news! It’s a lot  easier now. Just trade in your eligible 3D scanner, and then use the credit toward the price of a new Einscan. This is your chance to enjoy our latest technology. The program will run from 1st Sep through 31st Dec 2017.

Eligible trade-in devices for this new trade-In program are EinScan-S and other similar 3D scanners, in good working condition. For example, if you trade in an EinScan-S, which is still working and without any physical damage, you could get up to $400 in credit toward the purchase of a new EinScan 3D scanner, including the EinScan-SE, EinScan-SP, EinScan-Pro and EinScan-Pro+.

Here is how the program works:

1. Submit a Trade-In Program Application Form online. To ensure the device is in a good working condition, a short video or pictures are required as proof. All trade-in devices must have been manufactured after Jan 2015.


2. Once your form is submitted, you will receive an email notification within 3 working days informing you whether your trade-in application has been approved or not.


3. If your trade-in application is approved, you will receive a payment notification or pro-forms invoice Then you can proceed to ship your old scanner to a Shining 3D local office and submit the respective tracking number.


4. A new 3D scanner of your choice will be shipped to you, once your traded in scanner is received and inspected.


Please kindly note:

  1. All the shipping fees including the outbound and inbound shipment of the old device and of the new 3D scanner are covered by the customer.
  2. If the returned scanner is not in good working condition, you will receive an invoice with the original list price of a new scanner. The old device cannot not be returned. So please make sure of the good status of your old device and get the approval from Shining 3D before shipping it to us.

The EinScan Trade-In Program provides an affordable alternative for the purchase of the latest technology. The process is both easy and convenient. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of this time-limited and exclusive offer.