Fuse Sift

All-In-One Powder Recovery for the Fuse 1

The Fuse Sift is a safe, efficient powder recovery system for the Fuse 1. This all-in-one station combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single free-standing device. Highly convenient and compact, this is the most functionality you’ll get in a single device on the SLS market.

The best sidekick an SLS 3D printer could ask for


The Fuse 1 is an affordable, intuitive SLS 3D printer for strong, durable

nylon parts. The Fuse Sift completes the Fuse 1 workflow.

Compact, enclosed system


A negative air pressure system keeps powder inside while enabling open access and easy cleanup.

Fuse Sift Dimensions:

1.0 × 0.6 × 1.5 m

Low waste


A 30% material refresh rate means you can print with up to 70% recycled powder, indefinitely. Fuse Sift’s sieve filters out particles to be remixed with new powder and reused in future prints.




Automatic powder mixing


Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply.

Nonstop printing


Reduce downtime by transferring modular build chambers and powder cartridges between the Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift for a nonstop, cyclical workflow.

A complete toolkit


The Fuse Sift includes a set of finishing tools to help you clean excess powder from parts with ease.

  • Large Brush
  • Small Brush x 2
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Dental Picks
  • Vacuum Brush Tool
  • Vacuum Crevice Tool

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