Faster, more efficient prints with Ultimaker Cura

Faster, more efficient prints with Ultimaker Cura

At Ultimaker, we are always refining our software to create the best 3D printing experience available. The latest version of Ultimaker Cura adds new slicing features and a new plugin structure, but did you know that it also reduces print time and material use compared to previous versions?

The latest version of Ultimaker Cura prints dissolvable support material 30% faster, and uses 30% less support material for the same model, compared to previous versions.

Using recommended mode in Ultimaker Cura 3.0, PVA consumption for the same model is reduced from 182 g to 123 g, which represents a material saving of approximately 30 %. If 1 g of PVA material costs $ 0.13, this represents a saving of approximately $ 7.00
Recommended settings
Recommended mode includes all the necessary slicing settings used to prepare each model

Recommended mode – quick settings in one place

Recommended mode simplifies your 3D printing workflow by including the most frequently used settings for quick and easy print preparation.

If you are an experienced user, you can choose to take full control in custom mode to change more advanced slicing settings.

Gradual support – same support, faster prints

Gradual support prints with lower support density towards the bottom of a print, and places support material closer to areas that need it. Gradual support will also automatically adjust the support infill layer thickness, so that support is printed with double the layer thickness of the build material, further reducing print time.

Gradual support is enabled by default in recommended mode.

Material profiles – developed by experts

Developed by our team of material engineers, material profiles contain pre-configured settings for each Ultimaker material to guarantee high-quality, reliable results. By using material profiles, both novices and experienced users can achieve the same results.

Less support material, faster dissolving times

Efficiently using dissolvable support material reduces dissolving time significantly, so you can have prints ready faster than ever.

Reduce print time, reduce material costs

All of these features are available in the latest version of Ultimaker Cura. Download it today and discover the advantages.