The EinScan-Pro

Multi-Functional Handheld 3D Scanner

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No Scan Limits

The EinScan-Pro includes accessories for good color texture capture for objects ranging in size from 0.03m (.0011in) up to 4 meters (13ft).

  Handheld 3D Scan

The EinScan-Pro multi-functional

3Dscanner offers both portability

andhigh-accuracy because of its four

versatile operating modes.

Automatic Scan

Automatic scan: Matched with
a fully-automatic turn-table, the EinScan-Pro

completes a 360-degree scan in

under 90 seconds.

Fixed Scan

Free scan: The scan head is

mounted onto the tripod for accuracy

and ease-of-use.

Research and Design

Computer Graphics

 Preservation of historic artifacts


Body Scanning


Explore EinScan-Pro! Choose your options.

Compatible with most 3rd party hardware and software.




Model EinScan-Pro
Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Automatic Scan Fixed Scan
Single Shot Accuracy 0.1 mm 0.3 mm 0.05 mm‪ 0.05 mm
 Scan Speed 90,000 points/sec 550,000 points/sec Single scan: < 2 s Single scan: < 2 s
Point distance 0.2 – 2 mm 0.5 – 2 mm 0.16 mm 0.16 mm
Recommended Size of Scanned Object 30-4000 mm 150-4000 mm 30-150 mm 30-4000 mm
 Align mode Markers Feature, Markers (Optional)* Markers, Feature, Turntable, Manual, Turntable coded targets Markers, Feature, Manual align
 Texture scan No Yes (With purchase of Color Pack} Yes (With purchase of Color Pack} Yes (With purchase of Color Pack}
Outdoor Operation  No (Avoid direct sunlight)
Special Scan Object For a transparent, reflective or dark object,
please powder spray prior to scanning
Single Scan Range 210×150 mm
Light Source  White light LED
Printable Data Output Yes
 Data Format  OBJ,STL,ASC,PLY
Turntable Loading Capacity 5 kg
Scan Head Weight 0.8 kg
OS System Support Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64 bits
Sharing to Sketchfab Yes
Display Card NVIDIA GTX660, or higher, Display memory > 2G, Processor: 15 or higher, Memory Storage: 8G or more