Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine

Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine

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Product Description

Wash Mode

Versatile, easy to use.

Cure Mode

Wide range UV wavelength compatability.

Touch Button

Easy to operate with an responsive and sensitive touch button.

Safe Design

Auto pause, block 99.95% UV light

Technical Specifications

● Machine: Curing and washing

● Control method: Touch button LED indicator

● Power: 40W

● Input voltage: AC110/220V 50/60Hz

● UV lights: 405nm+365nm

● Curing and washing time: 2min 4min 6min

● Max model size for washing: 115mm(L)*65mm(W)*165mm(H)

● Machine size: 225mm(L)*220mm(W)*378mm(H)

● Max model size for curing: 140mm(D)*165mm(H)

● Weight: ~6kg

Rotatable Curing Platform

360° rotating under UV light to completely curing

Powerful UV Light

Built-in 365nm and 405nm UV light set, compatible with most of the resin 3D printers

Auto Pause

UV light will be immediately shut off if the top cover has been removed

Touch Button

Easy to operate with an responsive and sensitive touch button

Adjustable Bracket

The height of the suspension bracket can be adjusted to suit the liquid level in the bucket, all every model fully cleaned

Sealed Washing Container

Comes with a sealed container and lid to store the washing liquid and re-use

Parts List

Washing container

Tool set

Power cord

User manual

Washing basket

Stainless steel bearing

Cure platform

Service card


Adjustable bracket