3D Printing in Aerospace

3D Printing in Aerospace

Realize designs before
committing them to production

3D printing has become a vital tool for aerospace engineers helping them to achieve rapid prototyping, tooling and even part manufacturing. It can now all take place on-site, ensuring trade secrets never leave their facility.

  • Product development
  • Wind testing
  • Quality control
  • Custom tools & parts
  • Jigs, fixtures & gauges
  • Small production runs

Why choose an Ultimaker
in Aerospace?

  • Engineers can discuss a design with peers or rapidly test the market potential at a trade-show
  • 3D printing shrinks the development process from months to a matter of days
  • You can verify a design before investing in an expensive molding tool
  • You’re able to test ideas quickly and discover what does and doesn’t work. New iterations have no cost penalties
  • It’s easy to personalize and tweak parts to uniquely fit your needs at no extra cost and in just a matter of hours

A stunning airplane by Valcrow. Conceptualized and realized using 3D printing.

3D printed examples in aerospace

Jet turbine engine

Validate designs

With 3D printing you can easily test and validate designs. This allows you to refine your concept quickly and eliminate costly mistakes.

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Passenger airplane model

Demo real-life models

There’s nothing like having a physical model. With it you can test market potential and have meaningful discussions with key stakeholders.

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End use aerospace part

Complex geometries

It’s now possible to 3D print highly customized, complex and unique models. There’s no need to worry about tooling and lead-times.

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3D printed part vs metal part comparison

The lighter the better

In a matter of hours, sometimes minutes, you can cheaply prototype airplane parts to test lighter designs before going into production.

Learn about functional prototypes

Prototype large parts quickly
with the Ultimaker 2 Extended+

By 3D printing your prototypes you’ll not only save money, but a great deal of time. There’s no lead-times in your design process. And no time waiting for tooling or moldmaking. Welcome to prototyping in fast forward.

Meet the Ultimaker 2 Extended+https://thes3d.gr/ultimaker-2-extended/