3D Printing Concept Models

3D Printing Concept Models

Visualize your concepts
quickly and affordably

From the initial spark to a 3D printed model can take a matter of hours. Seeing it there in front of you communicates the idea in a way a CAD drawing never could. Then you can test it and tweak it again and again. This is how concepting should be.

  • Presentation models
  • Custom Displays
  • Product Mockups
  • Art and architectural models

Why choose an Ultimaker
for Concept Models?

  • You’re able to clearly communicate an idea when you have a close representation of the final product.
  • You can let the 3D printer do the model making for you, one or twenty times – whatever you need
  • It shrinks the development process from months to just days
  • You have the freedom to create difficult geometries you’re normally unable to make
  • It’s environmentally friendly using 90% of the raw material creating next to no waste at all

SWECO, the largest architectural firm in Europe, rely on their Ultimaker 3D printers to create concept models to tight deadlines every day.

Concepts become
real with 3D printing

3D printed airplane concept model

Get to market rapidly

Fast, efficient and accurate – such attributes are helping designers refine their ideas quicker and arriving at the final design sooner.

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3D printed skycraper concept model

Refine ideas often

Hand-built models are a thing of the past. Now you can quickly create concept models at low cost, allowing you to improve your original idea.

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3D printed exhibition booth for Ultimaker

We use Ultimakers too

Our Ultimaker booth concepts were 3D printed so we could get a feel for the proportions refining and honing our ideas in the process.

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Sweco 3D prints concept models to visualize what a city will look like

Labor-free models

It’s time to forget the days of hand-made models. By using an Ultimaker, you can concentrate on the final concept rather than building models.

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Models in moments
with the Ultimaker 2 Extended+

Because you can get a physical model in a matter of hours, you’re able to get feedback and revisions faster too. This speeds up your route to market, helps you outperform competitors and saves you money.

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