3D printed and prototyped shoes by Julian Hakes

3D printed and prototyped shoes by Julian Hakes

We visited fashion designer Julian Hakes in his London and Hong Kong offices, to talk with him about his Mojito Shoe and how it came to life on an Ultimaker 2 3D printer. Watch his story below and read on for more about Julian and a sweet timelapse of his Mojito Shoe being 3D printed on an Ultimaker.

Julian Hakes first discovered Ultimaker at the 3D Print Show in New York where he was exhibiting his Mojito Shoe footwear on the 3D Print Show catwalk. Hakes was a qualified architect and set up and ran an architectural office in London for over 10 years.

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Schermafbeelding 2015-07-15 om 13.15.20 kopie

After shifting towards fashion and especially shoes, he needed something to assist him in his new journey. Hakes envisioned a unique shoe that would require quite some testing and modeling. He was looking for a fast desktop machine for some time. Watch the timelapse below to see how the Ultimaker 2 easily handles a Mojito Shoe prototype.

After doing the research and creating many test files he was most impressed with the speed, accuracy and reliability of Ultimaker machines. It led to an award winning shoe that opened many more doors. The Ultimaker 2 that Julian uses allowed to create very stable, useable parts for cat walk presentations and also fast proof of concept models. For more Ultimaker 2 3D printing use cases, watch the video below, or explore the Ultimaker 2 on its product page.